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About Us

Discover God's Mercy, and His Loving Plan for Your Life

Our Lady of Santa Clara Retreat Center is operated by priests of the Legionaries of Christ community in Cupertino. We promote Catholic spirituality rooted in the Gospel, with special emphasis on Christ’s mercy. We offer confidential guidance, enlightening and energizing talks, seminars and retreats.

We believe that faith and reason go hand-in-hand, and we strive to help answer difficult questions. We want our place to be a safe, comfortable and beautiful environment where guests will come to know the love of Christ through the experiences we offer here. Fr. Thomas Vendetti, LC is the Executive Director and Gail D’Silva is the Director of Operations of Our Lady of Santa Clara Retreat Center. They are supported by an experienced executive board and team of volunteers.

Our Lady of Santa Clara Board

  • Mark McLaughlin (Chair) 

  • Fr Frank Formolo LC (Manager)

  • Lucy Honner (Manager) 

  • Doug Rimer (CEO) 

  • Juan Pablo Ruiz (CFO) 

  • Fr Thomas Vendetti LC (Program Director) 

Our Lady of Santa Clara Staff

  • Gail D’Silva (Director of Operations) 

  • Eustolia Ibarra (Housekeeping) 

  • Maria Lovos (Cook / Housekeeping) 

  • Primo Martinez (Cook) 

Ignatian Spiritual Exercises Retreat Directors

Local Directors 

  • Fr Simon Devereux, LC

  • Fr Brian Shininger, LC

  • Fr Thomas Vendetti, LC

  • Eileen Wieck 

Visiting Directors 

  • Fr Stephen Ellis, LC 

  • Angie Hilbun

  • Janet Lees 

  • Fr Juan Sabadell, LC

  • Monica Trevino

  • Fr Andrés Orellana

  • Trisha Quilici

  • Yesenia Ramirez

  • Earl Rivard

  • Fr Brian Shininger

  • Marisela Smith

  • Mona Taylor

  • Fr Thomas Vendetti

  • Randhir Vieira

  • Elia Zendejas

Divine Mercy Healing Team

  • Mitchell Carey

  • Gail D'Silva

  • Hal Fletcher

  • Theresa Huether

  • Rod Huether

  • Erin Keller

  • Patty LaBerge

  • Lisha Lee

  • Dave Lipscomb

  • Mirella Lopez

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