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Our Lady of Santa Clara is the perfect venue for your next retreat, offsite, or getaway!  We have 16 bedrooms with double beds, and space for up to 32 daytime guests.  It is equipped with wifi throughout and virtual conferencing capabilities to reach a broader audience.   


The center is available for both group rental and personal rental.  Prices vary depending on whether you would like exclusive use of the facility and whether you will require kitchen staff.  See the listing of available days and contact Gail D’Silva to reserve your spot.

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Our Center




Our Lady of Santa Clara is located in the foothills of Cupertino overlooking the South Bay across to the East Bay Hills.  It is easily accessible from urban centers, yet far enough removed to encounter silence and peace.   



All Bay Area airports are within reasonable distance: San Jose (15 min), San Francisco (40 min), and Oakland (60 min).   



22840 Mercedes Road,  

Cupertino, CA 95014 



Sometimes the Uber navigation system can take you to the wrong location.  It could be helpful to have the following driving instructions and map handy.   


  • From 280, go south on Foothill Expressway  

  • Turn Right on Alcalde Road.  

  • Turn Left on Santa Lucia Road.  

  • Take an immediate Right onto Cordova.  

  • At the fork, stay right and take Mercedes Road to the end (through the open gate).   

  • Make a sharp turn to your left and up a steep hill to the front door.   

  • There is limited parking (20 spaces); park at the top, along the hill, or down below.   



Our chapel is a prayerful space to encounter the Lord.  It seats 20 comfortably, and liturgical items for the Celebration of the Eucharist and adoration are provided.  It is equipped to livestream liturgical services.   


Our main living room and dining room area can seat between 16 and 32 people and provides a comfortable space for meals as well as group meetings and conferences.  It is equipped for virtual conferencing.  Overlooking the valley below, it also makes a great space for personal reflection.   


The terrace is the treasure of the retreat center with its magnificent view over South Bay and across to the East Bay Hills.  Its more than 1200 sq ft creates a great space to host larger groups whether for conferences and prayer or for social gatherings and meals.  Overhead heaters and fire pits make it cozy in the evenings, and large cantilever umbrellas can shade almost the entire terrace in the heat of the day.  Tables and chairs can be arranged to accommodate your group.   


We have three conference rooms and a sitting room.   


The largest conference room can seat 16 and is equipped with comfortable office chairs and tables for writing; it can be rearranged for slightly larger groups and is equipped for virtual conferencing.   


We have two breakout rooms which are ideal for small group meetings.  Each has a conference table with comfortable chairs – one can seat six and the other eight.   


There is also a sitting room near the terrace with a sofa and comfortable chairs which can be used for small groups or personal reflection.   


We have 16 bedrooms with an ensuite bathroom.  You will find comfortable double beds, leather chairs, and space for your personal belongings. Towels, luxurious bedding, hair dryers, as well as basic toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer are provided.  The beds can accommodate two people, but they are slightly smaller than a queen size bed.   


Guests can enjoy the outdoors on the terrance or by taking a walk in the surrounding neighborhood.  There are beautiful and extensive hiking trails at several nearby parks including Stevens Creek Park (1 mile), Rancho San Anotnio (3 miles), and McClellan Ranch Preserve (1 mile).   


The cuisine at Our Lady of Santa Clara is excellent, healthy, and balanced, and meet the needs of most dietary restrictions.   


Breakfast includes coffee, juice, eggs, bacon, croissants, muffins, cereals, and more.  Lunch and dinner typically include a salad, a variety of meat, chicken, and fish dishes with sides of vegetables and rice or potatoes, as well as pasta dishes.  There is always a nice to dessert to finish!   


Coffee, tea, fruit, and snacks are available throughout the day.   


We have wifi throughout the center.  There are four cameras for livestreaming and video conferencing: one portable and three are fixed in the following rooms: the chapel, the main living room, and the large conference room.    We have a projector and a portable flatscreen television for presentations and video conferencing.   

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