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Our Lady of Santa Clara

Our Lady of Santa Clara Retreat Center

We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures, we are the sum of the Father’s love for us and our real capacity to become the image of His Son Jesus.

- Pope St. John Paul II 


Encounter the merciful love of God through retreats and seminars offered at Our Lady of Santa Clara.  Nourish your mind, body, and spirit and experience the transformative and dynamic impact on your life and those around you. 

Nestled in the foothills of Cupertino amidst stunning hilltop vistas, our retreat center provides an atmosphere of tranquility and peace. Well-appointed guest rooms offer spacious living with private ensuite bathrooms. Our main conference area and dining room are relaxing and inviting while our terrace overlooks the beautiful Bay Area. We offer gourmet meals that are well balanced and can accommodate dietary needs.  We are also equipped to offer many of our retreats through a virtual platform. 

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