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Consider the perfection that God intended for us: the unification of body, mind, and soul imbued with His infinite, unimaginable love through the Holy Spirit. We all innately yearn for this, yet we live in a fallen world ruled by Satan. Through God’s grace, Jesus’ sacrifice affords us an opportunity to enter the Kingdom of God here on earth, and undertake a process, a journey along the narrow path leading eventually to perfect reunification with God in heaven. This process is one of spiritual growth, which follows a progression of phases as does the seed that dies to eventually produce good fruit.


In this seminar, we will examine the Kingdom of God from the perspectives of the mind and of the spirit. What does the Kingdom of God actually refer to? What do the Saints have to say about this? What is the nature of your unique and individual relationship with the Holy Spirit? Where are you in the continuum of spiritual formation, and where does ongoing formation lead to in your life? How can you progress to experience increasing joy in the Kingdom of God, and how does the Kingdom of God grow as you progress towards the perfect relationship with Him? We will explore these questions over the course of the evening in two half-hour sessions with time for questions and discussion. This seminar is free of charge and will be presented in-person at the retreat center and streamed virtually.

Nov. 8, 2023


6:00 pm

7:00 pm

7:40 pm

8:00 pm

Mass (in-person, optional)

Session 1

Snack Break

Session 2

Seminar is free!

Donations appreciated!

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Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Fr. Andres Orellana was ordained a Priest in December 2017. Since July 2023 he serves young adults in the Bay Area, including young married couples. He is also the chaplain of the YCP Silicon Valley chapter. He is excited for his new ministry and is sure many blessings are still to come!

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