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Divine Mercy 

Whether or not you have participated in one of our healing retreats, we invite you to join us for an evening of mass, adoration, and healing prayer.  During adoration there will be healing teams available to pray with you.  We will offer two types of prayer: Intercessory Prayer and Inner Healing Prayer.  


Intercessory Prayer: 

Approach a prayer team and share any prayer intentions and the team will intercede for you. This prayer typically lasts about 10 minutes and will be available throughout the time of Adoration. 


Inner Healing Prayer: 

Through this in-depth form of healing prayer, the Holy Spirit leads us to places of woundedness in our lives, and there the Lord enters to bring about healing and restoration.  We allot a full hour for each person, and it is required to select a prayer team when you register. 


5:00  Mass 

5:30  Appetizers 

6:15  Adoration 

8:45 Benediction 


This evening is an opportunity for team members in training to continue refining their skills in both intercessory and inner healing prayer.  Team members in training will be facilitating the prayers, and they will always be paired with experienced facilitators who will be serving as intercessors.   


The Divine Mercy Healing Team was formed on the Feast of the Sacred Heart in 2018.  The team continues to expand to meet the growing demands.  Members have been getting on-going formation through annual training seminars, and bi-monthly formation meetings and triad prayer practices.  Beyond this, many members have also attended I AM Training with the JPII Healing Center, the Encounter School of Ministry, and other training programs.  Everything shared with the team members is kept in strictest confidentiality.   


Click here to meet the Divine Mercy Healing Team 

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