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Spirituality Seminar Series

Day retreat series to form, educate, empower, and inspire.

View the image or click on the links below to learn more about our guest speakers and topics throughout the year. Subjects are relevant themes for spiritual and intellectual formation aimed at bringing attendees closer to knowing and loving God and his work. Registration can be for the entire 3-day series or for individual days. In-Person and virtual registration available. Spread the word to family and friends!


Spirituality Seminar Series

3-Day Seminary Series with Guest Speakers Throughout the Year

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Theology of the Body
and Gender Identity

What if your beautiful young daughter came up to you one evening and said, “Mom and Dad, I’m really a boy”? How would you respond? Are there even any answers?

A new juggernaut threatens to crush many young lives in its path. It is called transgenderism. But there is hope and there are answers. They have come from the most profound legacy left by the greatest saint in the past two millennia: John Paul II.

That legacy is his theology of the body.

Saint John Paul II’s teachings are much more than a mere response to the sexual revolution, which also swept away many lives after it began raging in the 1960s. Theology of the body goes deep. It provides a response to the most fundamental questions we can ask as human beings: “What does it mean for me to be a man or to be a woman? Who am I as a human person, created male or female in God’s image?”

Based on theology of the body, philosophy, and psychology, this seminar will seek to illuminate these most vital of questions that young people are asking themselves today.

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