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View the image or click on the links below to learn more about our guest speakers and topics throughout the year. Subjects are relevant themes for spiritual and intellectual formation aimed at bringing attendees closer to knowing and loving God and his work. Registration can be for the entire 3-day series or for individual days. In-Person and virtual registration available. Spread the word to family and friends!


Spirituality Seminar Series

1-Day and 3-Day Seminar Series with Guest Speakers Throughout the Year

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Experiencing Joy in the
Kingdom of G

By Fr Andrés Orellana

Free Seminar, 
In-person and live-streamed

Consider the perfection that God intended for us: the unification of body, mind, and soul imbued with His infinite, unimaginable love through the Holy Spirit. We all innately yearn for this, yet we live in a fallen world ruled by Satan. Through God’s grace, Jesus’ sacrifice affords us an opportunity to enter the Kingdom of God here on earth. What does the Kingdom of God actually refer to? How can you progress to experience increasing joy in the Kingdom of God, and how does the Kingdom of God grow as you progress towards the perfect relationship with Him?

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