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“Better than anyone else, the Holy Spirit will teach you how to taste with the heart and carry out with sweetness what reason shows to be for the greater service and glory of God.”

– St Ignatius  


Are you seeking to discover the call God has on your heart at this moment of your life?  For 500 years the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises have effectively given the tools to form a discerning heart: to hear God's call, to understand what influences your behaviors and choices, and to make a bold and generous response. 

January 8 - 16, 2024 - Coming Soon!
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Priests on Fire
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Personal Retreats (8-Day or Custom)

Come away by yourselves to a quiet place, and rest a while. Mark 6:31  


 Are you looking to reconnect with God and nature, quiet the busy activity of your mind, and be replenished? Perhaps a structured retreat in the presence of others is not quite what you need at this point in your life? If that is the case, a private retreat (either directed or non-directed) may be just the thing you are seeking! 

Ignatian Spiritual Exercises for Priests

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