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Spiritual Exercises or Personal Retreats

A personal retreat is the perfect way to unplug and reconnect with God. At our retreat center you may personalize your retreat according to your needs.  Options include directors, content, and dates.   


Directed or Non-Directed 

If you would like to have a director for your retreat, you can choose one from the list of available directors.  If you would prefer not to have a director or if you will be connecting with a spiritual director not provided by the retreat center, choose “non-directed.”   


Spiritual Exercises or Other Content 

If your retreat is directed, you can choose the content of your retreat: either “Ignatian Spiritual Exercises” or “other content.”  If you choose “other content” you will need to connect with your director once you have registered so he or she can prepare to best serve your needs.  Contact us at to get in touch with your director.   

Practical Expectations 


Daily Structure 

The basic structure of the day consists of the three meals, plus the Celebration of the Eucharist before lunch and a couple hours of optional adoration in the evening after dinner.  This offers a simple structure of community activities for the day and allows for plenty of personal time for prayer.  In addition, you will meet with your director daily, during which time you can review the previous day’s experiences, and go over the content for the upcoming day.   



Silence alone powerfully opens the soul to the movements of God.  We ask that retreatants keep exterior silence for their own benefit and to respect others.  We also encourage retreatants to keep interior silence by disconnecting from the noise of the world and unplugging from electronic devices for the duration of the retreat.  Keeping silence may sound daunting, but you will be in an interior dialogue with the Lord.   



Healthy and balanced meals will be provided, and coffee, tea, fruit and snacks will be available throughout the retreat.  Breakfast will be in silence and each one can come and go on their own.  During lunch we listen to an audio book on themes of the spiritual life or on the life of a saint.  At dinner we listen to appropriate classical music.   



The regular schedule is as follows: 8:00 breakfast, 11:30 Celebration of the Eucharist, 12:15 lunch, 6:00 dinner, 7:00 adoration, 9:00 night prayer and benediction.  Arrivals are at 4:00 pm so you can get situated and have an introduction before dinner.  Departures are by 10:00 am.   


What to bring

You will have a private bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.  Linens, towels, hair dryers, as well as basic toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer are provided.  You will want to bring other personal toiletries and medications, comfortable clothes, and footwear for walking if you desire.  Notebooks and pens will be provided; bring your bible and rosary.   


For more information on facilities and meals, see our facilities page. 

Spiritual Exercises

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